The 422F2 is fitted with mechanical controls providing low effort operation, with the ability to choose between ISO (Excavator) or SAE (Backhoe) control patterns. Providing easy and safe operation for operators of any experience or ability.
The F2 Series Side Shift Frame has exterior locking clamps, with no disassembly needed when servicing. The frame is a solid design with E-Coat protection, this prevents material build up in the frame and reduces the risk of rust, increasing the life of the frame.

Excavator Style Backhoe
Whether close-up truck loading or digging over obstacles, the iconic excavator style boom tackles the toughest jobs with ease. Combine this versatility with powerful breakout forces, controllability, a flow-sharing hydraulic system and the 422F2 is capable of high levels of productivity with minimum effort. The boom is a narrow design, ensuring maximum visibility to the work tool and ground.

Extendible Stick
The 422F2 is available with an extendible stick that increases dig depth and reach capability increasing the machines versatility and utilization, reducing the amount of machine repositioning and therefore reducing site damage. A sliding inner section design helps to ensure the wear pads remain as dirt free as possible, extending adjustment and replacement intervals. Auxiliary lines, for operating hydraulic work tools, have been routed so that they are protected from damage when working in the narrowest of trenches.

Side Shift Frame
Cat Cushion Swing
The 422F2 is equipped with Cat Cushion Swing, which enables very fast trenching by damping the boom oscillation during trenching cycles.
Powered Side Shift (optional)

Provides a hydraulic service to allow the operator to easily position the backhoe across the full width of the Side Shift Frame. Ideal for use in areas with minimal space and utility applications such as gas, electrical, and telecoms.
The Proven Cat Engine Delivers Reliable Power on Demand
•The choice of a 56.5 kW or 68.5 kW EU Stage II power unit provides excellent performance for all applications.
•Outstanding fuel economy, contributes to low owning and operating costs.
•A robust power pack, this engine has been seen in many divisions of Cat for a number of years and remains today a very popular option, delivering power when it is needed most.
•Proven world-class manufacturing and core engine designs ensure reliability, quiet operation, and many hours of productive life.

Axles and Differential Lock
The F2 Series of Cat Backhoe Loaders boast heavy duty Cat axles
•Providing high durability, low noise levels and superb traction on uneven surfaces.
•Three chamber system provides constant lubrication of the heavy duty running gear and bearings on all gradients.
•100% locking differential is fitted as standard on the Cat Backhoe Loader, ensuring maximum traction in all conditions.

Power Shuttle Transmission
The 422F2 boasts a constant mesh, synchronized 4 forward and 4 reverse mechanical transmission. Capable of speeds up to 40 km/h, directional changes are made from the column mounted shuttle and gear changes using the floor mounted shift lever.
Hydraulic Boosted Brakes
Hydraulic boosted brakes are featured as standard on the 422F2. The hydraulic assistance reduced operator effort. The system produces the same braking performance, with less force exerted, resulting in quicker braking reactions and less operator fatigue.

The Class Leading Operator Environment Just Got Better
•Heated seat to keep the operator warm no matter what the conditions are.
•Fantastic layout of switches and controls provide an ergonomic operating environment.
•A redesigned roof cab provides the operator with superior visibility to the loader at maximum dump height, from the comfort of the seat.
•Secure your investment with the Cat Backhoe Loader security system designed specifically for the Cat Backhoe Loader, this device will keep your investment secure, while providing easy access for up to 25 specified people.
•The loader control now gives you more power at your fingertips: Differential lock, transmission neutralizer and auxiliary control.
•The cab design now incorporates a flat profile, and flat glass to ensure replacement and security is as easy as possible.
•74 dB (A) internal sound level across the range no matter the engine option


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